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UNDERSTANDING THE VIOLENCE OF GOD addresses the growing demand for an explanation of the divine violence in the Bible.   It notes the archaeological, biblical and historical proofs of the goodness of God. It is designed for readability, with short chapters, and non-academic terminology. Author Kerby Rials served for 25 years as a missionary in Russia, Belgium and Switzerland. He pastored churches in Michigan, Louisiana, Belgium and Russia. He taught at Bible schools in Moscow, Russia, and in Tbliisi, Georgia.  He is magna cum laude graduate of Michigan State, and Mount Hope Bible Training Institute, and studied at Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium.  He is an ordained Assemblies of God minister. 

Can you lose your salvation?  ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED: TRUE OR NOT?  addresses this current controversy by looking at the life of Judas Iscariot, Satan and Calvinism’s five points. It explains the scriptures that show that it is possible to lose salvation, while reassuring those who worry needlessly that they have lost their salvation.

Author Bob Moody mixes humor, hunting and practical advice in this short devotional. Perfect for hunters of all types. Each short devotional combines hunting and godly wisdom. Suitable for Father’s Day, Christmas or birthdays.